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What Time Is It?

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This is a teaching application which recognises that children learn most effectively if they are having fun at the same time. What time is it? offers users a fun traditional clock as its home screen which allows children to manually set the hour and minute hands on its face. To make setting this clock face to specific minutes as easy as possible for young learners the app includes a “snap to minutes” feature that automatically moves the clock’s minute hands to the nearest minute when it’s set manually. Tap the clock face again to automatically reflect the correct current time, staying in the clock state until the hands are manually moved once more. While this area of the application introduces children to how clocks function, the app offers a more engaging learning experience as well.

After the initial interactive clock face, What time is it? is set up as an interactive textbook geared towards young children. “Clickable’ text reads the text to children too young to read adequately and each paragraph of the text explores an independent idea in the simplest terms possible, both features which ensure kids can easily comprehend and interpret the text as easily as possible. Furthermore, various clock graphics throughout the text come complete with interactive sound effects and animations to entertain young learners as they progress through the app. Offering children an option for learning how to tell time that’s both fun and effective, What time is it? is a ‘must-get’ for any tech savvy parent eager to help their kids learn to tell what time it is.

Warning: please note that this application requires you to sit down and interact with your kids. Please do not purchase if you are of a weak disposition.

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