QR Builder

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QR Builder

A simple app to quickly allow you to generate QR codes.

This app is aimed at simplicity. It does one thing, generating QR codes, and does that in the simplest way possible. Enter your text, and the QR code is generated instantly. You can then export and share that QR code as an image however you like.

Includes the ability to change the foreground and background colours as well as save colour pairs for easier reuse.

Long press on a saved colour pair to show the option to remove the saved colour pair.

If you have any suggestions for future improvements to this application (e.g. additional animal groups) then please email us at: qr-builder@software101.co.uk

We are always happy to hear feedback, criticism, praise or suggestions. Email us at: qr-builder@software101.co.uk

Privacy Policy

This app does not include any tracking or cookies. We do not store any information about our users, make any kinds of network requests or allow open access to the Internet through the app.