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Find nearby UK Postboxes and Post Offices

Postbox Finder UK helps you locate nearby postboxes and post offices in the UK using the GPS built into your phone. The coverage is extensive although there are postboxes that are not currently included in the app. If you do find missing postboxes, then please help by registering at and creating or updating incorrect information. Once the update is confirmed at OpenStreetMap, you will be able to use the refresh button in the app to download the updates.

We are now using OpenStreetMap at the data source for the postbox and post office location information, “© OpenStreetMap contributors”. The data is available under the Open Database Licence.

There is a whole new interface to the app that allows you to request data updates from OpenStreetMap within 16km of the centre of the map, you can now use toggles in the top menu to allow you to filter to only see postboxes, post offices or both. There is new clustering functionality in the map interface so that you can better see the information on the map, and a new circular radius overlay that helps you see clearly the area that you are currently viewing postbox data within, since we cannot place all 400,000+ data items on the map at once.

We are always happy to hear feedback, criticism, praise or suggestions. Email us at:

Privacy Policy

The paid version of the app does not include any tracking or cookies. We do not store any information about our users, allow open access to the Internet through the app.

The free version of the app includes ads supplied by Admob from Google. We show anonymous ads so that no personal information is used. Other than the app making network requests required to serve the ads, the app does not make any further network requests or allow open access to the Internet through the app.