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My Spellings

Learn your spellings using voice recognition and text to speech

The spellings app aims to help your child succeed in learning their spellings. Spellings are an important part of your Childs learning and development, and this app helps them to become proficient at getting their spellings correct.


  • Create spelling lists by typing them in or dictating them with voice recognition
  • View, edit, share and manage your lists from the main screen by swiping on a list item
  • Change the default voice that the app uses in Settings
  • Practise your spellings by clicking on a spelling list from the main screen. The app will dictate the spelling and you should type in what you think is the correct spelling of that word. The words are randomised from the list that you entered. You get three attempts to spell each word correctly before the app moves on.
  • Saved results. The app saves the results of the last 10 completed attempts that you did for each spelling list so that you can go back and compare how your learning has improved. Swipe on a list on the main menu and select History.
  • Share your lists. You can share your spelling lists with friends by swiping a list on the main screen and selecting Share. You have complete control how you share so you control your security and privacy. Using Airdrop you can beam the list directly to a friends phone where it can be opened directly into the Spellings app so that they can learn the same list.

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Privacy Policy

This app does not include any tracking or cookies. We do not store any information about our users, make any kinds of network requests or allow open access to the Internet through the app.