Simple Fidget Spinner

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Simple Fidget Spinner

A simple colourful, playful fidget spinner

This simple fidget spinner app is the fidget spinner in your pocket that you always have with you. Whether it's entertaining the kids in those countless moments where they won't sit still, or simply getting through that boring meeting while staying awake, this simple fun app is there to help.

You can configure the colours of the spinners to help add some personal flare. You can choose from 70 different spinners, and choose whether to receive haptic feedback while it spins for a more natural feel. Please note that continued use of the haptic engine may drain your battery quicker, so both the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch apps have a settings menu where this can be disabled.

On Apple Watch long press the spinner for 2 seconds to bring up the settings menu.

If you have any suggestions for future improvements to this application then please email us at:

We are always happy to hear feedback, criticism, praise or suggestions. Email us at:

Apple Watch

The app also works on Apple watch. Long press the spinner for 2 seconds to being up the settings menu.

Privacy Policy

This app does not include any tracking or cookies. We do not store any information about our users, make any kinds of network requests or allow open access to the Internet through the app. If you change the settings in the app they are stored on device in Apple storage and the information is not shared with anyone.