Crash n Burn for Kids

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Crash n Burn

Cute little endless scroller flight game

Fly your plane though the treacherous cavern collecting as many balloons as possible to score points whilst attempting to miss the cave walls.

You can choose between multiple planes, each with a slightly different characteristic. Whilst it can give you better control, it can also limit how fast you can climb to avoid the stalagmites, so choose with care.

Choose your plane

  • Red - basic, but fast moving up and down
  • Orange - gives you a little more control but slower to climb over the stalagmites
  • Black - great level of control, but not the best in tight spaces

As your score picks up, the obstacles will start to come faster and faster. Just how long can you hold out before you Crash n Burn?

If you use Game Centre then you can save your scores to the global leaderboards for each type of plane. Challenge your friends and see if you can stay at the top of the leaderboard.

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