Collective Nouns

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Collective Nouns

Learn about collective nouns of over 100 animals

This application is aimed at children 4+ The idea of the application is to introduce them to the idea of collective nouns.

The application now features 122 different types of animal collective noun and shows the different descriptions for single, plural and collective names for these.

If you cannot hear any sound in the app, please check that you do not have your device on mute or do not disturb.

Some of the animals featured include

  • sheep
  • tiger
  • butterfly
  • crocodile
  • fish
  • zebra
  • rhinoceros
  • lion
  • elephant
  • giraffe
  • kangaroo
  • ant
  • bee
  • caterpillar
  • crow
  • goose
  • ladybird
  • snail

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