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My Spellings

The spellings app aims to help your child succeed in learning their spellings. Spellings are an important part of your Childs learning and development, and this app helps them to become proficient at getting their spellings correct.


  • • Create spelling lists by typing them in or dictating them with voice recognition
  • • View, edit, share and manage your lists from the main screen by swiping on a list item
  • • Change the default voice that the app uses in Settings
  • • Practise your spellings by clicking on a spelling list from the main screen. The app will dictate the spelling and you should type in what you think is the correct spelling of that word. The words are randomised from the list that you entered. You get three attempts to spell each word correctly before the app moves on.
  • • Saved results. The app saves the results of the last 10 completed attempts that you did for each spelling list so that you can go back and compare how your learning has improved. Swipe on a list on the main menu and select History.
  • • Share your lists. You can share your spelling lists with friends by swiping a list on the main screen and selecting Share. You have complete control how you share so you control your security and privacy. Using Airdrop you can beam the list directly to a friends phone where it can be opened directly into the Spellings app so that they can learn the same list.

Crash n Burn

Cute little endless scroller flight game. Choose your plane:

  • • Red - basic, but fast moving up and down
  • • Orange - gives you a little more control but slower to climb over the stalagmites
  • • Black - great level of control, but not the best in tight spaces

Crash n Burn is a simply cute endless scroller. Fly your plane though the treacherous cavern collecting as many balloons as possible to score points whilst attempting to miss the cave walls.

You can choose between multiple planes, each with a slightly different characteristic. Whilst it can give you better control, it can also limit how fast you can climb to avoid the stalagmites, so choose with care.

As your score picks up, the obstacles will start to come faster and faster. Just how long can you hold out before you Crash n Burn?

If you use Game Centre then you can save your scores to the global leaderboards for each type of plane. Challenge your friends and see if you can stay at the top of the leaderboard.


A cute little dungeon crawler. Choose your character:

  • • Witch
  • • Assassin
  • • Viking

Collect coins around each level and collect additional points by killing monsters so that you can upgrade your weapon and armour.

Hint: if you do not upgrade your weapon you may struggle to get past level 3.

The app also supports game controllers


Play as a submarine or shark. Collect coins to score points, fend off enemies, and avoid obstacles.

How long can you survive?

Choose a character, shark or submarine. Drag your finger around the screen and your character will follow. Collect coins to score, but avoid obstacles and enemies! Every so often you get the opportunity to gain back a life up to a maximum of 5.

The app also supports game controllers

Dino Match

In this five-by-five grid game, you can select two tiles to trade places. The goal is to create rows or columns of like tiles to create a matching set.

You score points for each row or column set you make. You have a limited number of turns to make as many sets as possible.

You can create more than one set in a single turn if you are careful. You can deselect the first tile by clicking on it again. The swap will be made once the second tile is selected.

Days to Easter

We're excited that Easter is just around the corner and we're sure that you are too. To make sure you can count down those days with ease, why not try this beautiful application that quickly and easily shows you how few days you have to wait.

This app is simple and effective with beautiful graphics and fun sound effects when you shake your phone.

Go on, you know you want to download!

In the paid version you can see the number of days left until easter by looking at the badge number on the icon. You don't even have to open the app.

Collective Nouns

This application is aimed at children 4+ The idea of the application is to introduce them to the idea of collective nouns.

The application currently features 11 different types of animal and shows the different descriptions for single, plural and collective names for that animal.



Days to Christmas

We're excited that Christmas is around the corner and we're sure that you are too. To make sure you can count down those days with ease, why not try this beautiful application that quickly and easily shows you how few days you have to wait.

This app is simple and effective with beautiful snow and jingle sound effect when you shake your phone.



What Time Is It?

Hours of learning fun. Simple interface, just drag the hands to the required time and ask your child a multitude of different types of questions.

  • ★ What time is it?
  • ★ How long until .. time?
  • ★ How much time has passed since ..?

The sky is the limit and the learning possibilities are countless.

Postbox Finder UK

Postbox Finder UK helps you locate nearby postboxes and post offices in the UK using the GPS built into your phone. The coverage is extensive although there are postboxes that are not currently be included in the application. If you do find missing postboxes, then please help us to locate them so that the app can become more complete. Please follow the below link to dracos and help update the database. Once you have added the missing postbox to the dracos website you should be able to quickly perform an in-app database update and the missing postbox should appear.

You can assist with the accuracy of the data and any missing postboxes by using the following website: http://www.dracos.co.uk/play/locating-postboxes/

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