Privacy Policy My Spellings

Your privacy and data is important to us, we do not track anything from the app, no data is sent to any servers that we have access to, and you have full control over your privacy.

All data is stored within the app itself. If you delete the app all the data is removed. You may share lists with other users, but you control how you share those lists using the standard Apple sharing options, including Airdrop.

All data in the app is created by you and the app does not ask for any personal information or require a login.

The app does have the option to allow you to dictate your spelling lists to the app. Microphone permission will be required for this feature. Dictation uses the Apple Speech framework backed by Siri. Audio data may be sent to Apples servers for processing, but only when you enable the dictation feature. No audio data is used by the app itself, only so that the Speech framework can convert your speech to text. This feature and service is backed by Apples standard security and privacy policies. Please visit the Apple website for more details.