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Our aim is to provide you with a number of useful and fun applications that make the chore of exercise more engaging and interesting.

Our first application Press-up-Counter aims to take some of the effort out of push-ups namely having to count them all. The application also tries to make sure that you are maximising your push-ups by only counting ones which it deems to be full. This does however mean that when you are tired towards the end of your set(s) that it might not count them.

Our applications are built as an aid to your own personal exercise and we take no responsibility for your health. Always consult a proper fitness instructor (or doctor) if you are in any doubt over your abilities and fitness.

What's in update 1.1 and 2.0

The application has now been updated to log your sessions. Your session duration, number of reps, date and time are now stored for your convenience and tracking purposes. You can access this information from the history tab. You may also simply delete entries in the history list by swiping each row that you would like to remove.

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How to use the application

Load the application. Press the "Tap to Start" button to start tracking your motion. Press the "Pause" button to stop tracking your motion and "Resume" to continue. You can only "Reset" the count value when the application is in the 'paused' state.

If you click on the push-up icon in the top left corner you can view useful information which may assist you in performing your push-ups correctly.

Use the info button in the top right corner to enable the graph which shows how the device is tracking the accelerometer data. The red line indicates the motion which is being used to track your push-ups.

Useful Links

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