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This application is aimed at children 4+ The idea of the application is to introduce them to the idea of collective nouns.

The application currently features 18 different types of animal and shows the different descriptions for single, plural and collective names for those animals.


Animals included in this release:

  • sheep
  • tiger
  • butterfly
  • crocodile
  • fish
  • zebra
  • rhinoceros
  • lion
  • elephant
  • giraffe
  • kangaroo
  • ant
  • bee
  • caterpillar
  • crow
  • goose
  • ladybird
  • snail

iOS 4.2+ (this app does not support the original iPad OS 3.2) To upgrade your iPad, just plug it into iTunes and follow the prompts to download and upgrade your iPad.

If you experience any issues with the application, please email me at the support email address and I will address them as quickly as possible. If you could please try to provide any steps you use to reproduce the issue that would be most appreciated.

If you have any suggestions for future improvements to this application (e.g. additional animal groups) then please email the support address.


What's in the latest update (1.1)

Several new animals are now available in the application with their associated collective nouns. Try dragging the animals too.


 Collective Nouns
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